Why hide the link to /admin/upgrade?

When docker_manager notices that there is a Discourse update, you get a link to it, but if your plugins have updates, there is no way for a Normal Person to get to the upgrade page to find out about them. Also, sometimes an update breaks things and you need to update to the very latest and not wait for the next bump.

Could we have a “check for updates” link?

(Says the guy who guessed /admin/updates, /admin/update, and maybe /admin/upgrades before guessing the right URL.)


Where are you thinking it could go?

I find that UIs can become less friendly the more crowded they become.

Maybe the best place to squeeze it in would be the dashboard page?

I don’t think it would need to be a “there are updates available” thing. But a link for Admins somewhere would be nice.

It would go the same place that the current “click to upgrade” link appears when discourse_docker thinks there’s an update.

There already is one of those when discourse_docker has found updates for Discourse (but it doesn’t check for plugins).