Add link to forum and backups from docker upgrade page

My workflow for upgrading discourse is to first go to admin/upgrade to check if an upgrade is available, and if there is I then go to backups to see if I need to make a new backup. If needed I make a new backup. Then I go back to admin/upgrade to perform the upgrade. Once it is completed, I then go to the discourse homepage.

These steps all require me to type in URLs in the web browser. Yes, I know I am being lazy but I think to encourage this (what I think is the best practice, am I right?) discourse should provide some info about backups and links on the docker upgrade pages. Something along the lines of:

  • step 1: go to admin/upgrade to see if upgrade is available. If so, click on upgrade. Then be shown when the latest backup was completed and an offer to perform a new backup.
  • step 2: perform upgrade
  • step 3: after upgrade is completed, be shown a direct link to the discourse landing page.

Eh? I get email notifications when there is a new version with a link to admin/upgrade. I just click it.

Similarly, the dashboard will show a link to the upgrade page when a new version (release, beta or stable) is out.

Edit: oh, I see, you mean reverse links back home and to backups. Ok, that makes sense.


Yes, and I am talking about what happens once you get there.

Ok, @techapj added this! Good suggestion, enjoy.