Why is my community using the dark mode logo in light mode?

Hello. My site is using the dark mode logo in light mode on some devices, even though the light mode logo has been uploaded. On my phone, the light mode and dark mode logo show up respectively, but they don’t on the computer.

Dark Mode:

Light Mode:

Thanks in advance.


Could it perhaps be because of this?

Hi @ondrej,

Thanks for the help. I did a bit more troubleshooting and found out if my device is in light mode, then discourse will show the dark mode and light mode logo, but in dark mode, it only shows the dark mode logo. I am using the dark-light toggle component to switch modes.

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This theme component I assume Dark/Light Mode Toggle?

Not sure what is wrong here. If you disable the component does this happen?

I had a similar issue. Here is the relevant discussion:

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