Why is the Docker container installation recommended for imports?

What are the issues (or potential issues) using a development installation?

As for the import itself, is there any speed difference between a standard and a development installation?

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I’ve started doing imports on a production install, mostly because that was I don’t have to upload the resulting backup from my home internet connection, and it’s very easy to show people the resulting import.


Mostly for the same reason we only support our Docker based setup when you install Discourse. We can’t really help you when we don’t know how the development environmental was set up. There’s simply too much that could go wrong. Different Ruby version, wrong version of ImageMagick, missing tools used for image processing,…

I can only speak for myself, but I run all migrations in a Docker container. I use my development environmental only for tweaking an existing script or developing a new one.


And I do that in docker deployment too. I have a script that copies the import script from a separate mount point into the discourse tree (and includes env for the database and such).


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