Why is the logo 39 pixels high?

Screenshot of the site logo

Why is the default theme’s logo 38.55px, rounded up to display at 39px?

If it was one pixel higher, 40px, then if you use a logo of the recommended height, 120px, there would be the option of sharp lines.

I believe this also results in the logo blurring out one pixel wider, so that the shape changes when you scroll down and get the small logo


@awesomerobot any ideas here?


hmm yeah the header logo has gone through a handful of changes over the last year… originally we had a hardcoded px value, but changed it to ems so it scales along with the header when someone uses a larger font-size. We also bumped our base font-size up overall… so through all of that I think we ended up with a fractional logo size.

Bumping it up to an even 40px by default seems reasonable


made it so



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