Why is try.discourse.org cleared everyday?

(Chris Leong) #1

Are there any plans to create a discourse instance for people to chat on that isn’t cleared everyday, or are you not wanting to host any yourselves other than meta? Also there should be a big message on the top of each page telling everyone that each page will be cleared each day

(Peter Stoinov) #2

You are using such instance at the moment :wink:
http://try.discourse.org is only for testing. It’s noted in a BIG message:

It’s planned to have hosted instances for other purposes, other than meta as noted in What is Discourse? | Discourse - Civilized Discussion

(Jeff Atwood) #3


Correct, Discourse is in the business of making your forum successful, not launching our own forum topics.

Remember, try is what it says on the tin: a sandbox for experimenting and seeing if Discourse is something you like and want, or not. This is emphasized in

  • the pinned topic as @stoinov noted
  • the PM message all new try users get

And soon, it’ll be in a just-in-time help <div> that pops up for new users composing their first posts, too.