Why is verified flair not showing up in the user profile

Hello Everyone, hope you are doing great!

I made a group of the verified user who will have a verified icon beside their avatar.
Here is how it looks,

But The problem is the badge isn’t showing up in group members profile, Maybe I am missing something.

Please help me out of it.
Thanks and Regards

By badge do you mean the avatar flair?

You need to make sure that the group is their primary group. Check the group settings.

If you really mean badge, badges are something different.


Sorry Yes I meant avatar flair

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Yes solved it thanks for the help buddy :grinning:

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i am facing same issue, cant see the avatar flair i customize it & can see it on preview but not the users, where can i find their primary group

Unless you click the option that’s something like “make it the primary group automatically” they need to select the group in their profile.