Flair image on group page, but no flair at user avatars?

I try to replicate something that is the case here on meta…

A group title and flair image are set for the “Plugin Authors” group.

The flair image is displayed on the group’s page.

However, it is not shown next to the avatars of group members.

How is that possible?

I can’t find a setting in the group settings for uploading/setting a flair, but don’t show the flair/image next to individual avatars (ie just on the group page).

It’s not a CSS display none thing, there is no flair for Plugin Authors in the HTML code.

Is this a mod? I have a use case where I want to do the same in our community.

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Avatar flair only appears if the group is the primary group of the user. Each user account can only have one primary group at a time, whichever was set as primary last wins.

Conversely if you want it to appear on the group but not on members make sure no users have it set as their primary.

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Thanks @Stephen, that clarified it for me.

In this case, it still would be nice to “Allow users to set their own primary group”, but have an option in the group settings “[ ] Don’t show flair next to user avatar, just set as group image.”

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