Why so many outgoing emails?


I’ve got a small forum, less than 3k users.

And at sparkpost report:

Of course SparkPost denied me the “sending” emails, so no new user activations are sending now and I must “pay” if I need fix this problem now :’(

At the moment I decided to disable the summary emails, and try to decrease any outgoing email from the forum., To see if I can reduce emails.

I detected this problem after updating latest version, I don’t know, maybe it’s coincidence.


(Felix Freiberger) #2

You could try browsing the email logs in the admin section to see why these emails were sent :slight_smile:


Thanks @fefrei.

Apparently digest and mailing_list eat all the included “free” quote by sparkpost. :frowning:
So, I disable mailing_list and I will test that this month.


(Anton) #4

Hi, @SidV, learn your email statistics with using this query for data explorer: