Why the notification level for a «category definition» topic is «Tracking» instead of «Watching» for its creator?

A category definition topic: Stripe integration - Magento 2
I see at the bottom:

You will receive notifications because you posted a reply to this topic.

Another (ordinary) topic in the same category: [Stripe] The test bank cards - Magento 2
I see an the bottom:

You will receive notifications because you created this topic.

Both these topics are created by me. I have not changed its notification levels.
Why the notification level is «Tracking» for the first topic (a category definition topic) and «Watching» for the second one (an ordinary topic)? Should not it be «Watching» for the first topic?

The same bug in another form: https://mage2.pro/t/263

The system wrongly set the «Tracking» notification level for me with a wrong reason:

You will receive notifications because you read this topic.

I not only read this topic, I am the topic creator. So the notification level should be «Watching».

I can’t reproduce this. What are the exact reproduction steps?

Here is what I did.

  1. First make sure the category I post in isn’t in the Watching/Tracking/Muted sections on User Preferences
  2. Post a new topic in the category
  3. Notification Level was set to Watching
  4. Refresh the page, still set to Watching
  5. Leave and come back, still set to Watching
  6. Reply to the topic, still set to Watching

I’m unsure how you are getting it set to Tracking at this point.


This bug is only for the “category definition” topics. Create a category and test with it “category definition” topic.

That’s because the creator of the category definition topic just happens to be the user that created the category, and there’s no more reason for that person to receive emails than any other admin.