Why would the number of all time sign-ups ever decrease?

Hi folks. I’ve seen this a couple of times this week alone, as reported on the About page. Why could this be?
Thanks in advance

Maybe it is because of the automatic clean up of inactive users. By default users who did not reach trust level 1 (so very short reading time) and never posted anything are deleted after two years.
You can modify that with the clean up inactive users after days setting.


Interesting, thanks. That setting is the default 730 days, but my community has only been running for 2 months…

Could sign-up counts include those who were invited but never responded to the invitation?

Hi Mike. I think that’d be kinda counter-intuitive but would be on the right sort of scale for what I’ve observed with my numbers…

Users can delete their accounts if their account is still young and does not have a lot of posts. Moderators can do the same to any user.

Sign-Ups on the About pages is a User count. That used to be called, correctly, “Users” but was renamed recently to “Sign-Ups” in

As a simple User count, it doesn’t really track Sign-Ups, but counts the number of Users in a site as a proxy to the Sign-Ups, meaning that users who are deleted, never activated via the email link, etc are removed from the count.


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