Edit notifications for someone else's wiki posts

I’m on latest beta.

Our users are getting a lot of “edit” notifications that are notifying them that someone edited someone else’s post (usually a wiki, but not limited to them). (So that receiver of the notification has no relation to the post).

From my observation notifications comes from posts in Watched topics or Watched categories.

Can anyone please confirm and reproduce this bug?

Not a bug. It is a feature to get notified of changes to a wiki post, I think if the following is true:

  • first post is wiki post
  • you set the topic notification state to the highest level

Can you confirm @tshenry


Alright, I had a big long breakdown of a bunch of different scenarios I tested (auto-wiki category setting on/off, various levels of interaction with the wiki topic, etc), but I think I was able to summarize it to this:

  • When a user manually watches a wiki topic, they are notified of edits to the first post
  • When a user is watching a category, they are NOT notified when a wiki topic post is edited (unless of course it is their own).

So it looks like the feature is not working for auto-watched topics. This seem like it could easily be intentional, but I’m not sure.

One thought I had while testing this - would it make any sense for someone to automatically start watching a topic when they have made a wiki edit to the topic post? I feel like if I’ve edited a wiki topic, I’m somewhat invested in it at that point. Not sold this is a good idea, but thought I’d throw it out there.

Let me know if I should look at anything else with this!


Thanks. So basically working as designed. The manual watch to get wiki first post notifications is what I would expect.


Thank you very much, guys! That clarifies it…