Wiki status of first post does not confer the ability to edit tags, category or title

I can repro the behavior, but is this intentional? Should every aspect of a wiki topic be editable by users with wiki privileges, or just the content?

I think it might make sense to restrict title/category/tag edits to the topic owner and anyone with the power to edit those aspects in normal topics. I can edit the title/category/tag as TL3, for instance, under the trusted users can edit others setting, but not as a lower trust level.

I can’t speak for how the Events plugin should handle this, but I am able to use the insert date/time feature and save the change without issue as TL0.

It’s a good question, I can’t recall how it originally worked, perhaps this has always been the case? My gut says that wiki on first post means you can edit everything about the first post, but perhaps the older versions of Discourse behaved differently in this regard? Anyone remember?

I strongly suspect this is a regression though @tshenry


It’s very possible. I tried to search recent commits for anything suspicious, but nothing immediately popped out.

@Elena_Lappen do you have any idea about when the change in behavior took place? Or at least the last time you know it worked the way you wanted it to?


I remember testing it when replying to a user who asked about the Edit Wiki feature and tags specifically on June 10, and it worked.

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For what it’s worth, back in April 2018 on after losing Regular status I realized that I couldn’t edit the title of a certain topic even though the first post was a wiki and I could edit the post’s content. And then someone else was complaining about the same thing on the same topic just two months ago.

I can’t speak to tags though.


Thanks for sharing that. I have a hard time believing this is intended behavior because, for example, changing the title of the topic registers as an action in the edit history, but it doesn’t hold.

I almost forgot, search is our friend :slight_smile:

That’s from back in early 2017.

Not sure what the best path forward is. I can see arguments for and against allowing everyone with wiki editing privileges to also have the ability to edit the title/category/tag. Maybe a setting makes sense? What do you think @codinghorror?

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Unless you (or we) can absolutely verify this used to be the case @Elena_Lappen I think the status quo is the way to go here. Title, tags, and category edit is not granted by wiki status on the first post – just the body.

I just confirmed that it does in fact append to the edit history (but with no visual change in the diff) and it modifies the post timer to say it was just edited. That does seem like a bug to me. If I just open a wiki post and click save without making any changes, it doesn’t append to the history, so it should probably work the same for a rejected change.

That said, shouldn’t the UI not show the fields for editing the title/category/tag if the person editing doesn’t have permissions to edit those fields?


Sounds like we need to revisit this @sam @eviltrout and make a decision.

I lean towards letting wiki editors edit tags, as those are lightweight and don’t confer security, but not category or title.


This seems like a good potential solution to me.

I think:

  • Wiki editors should be allowed to edit tags as long as: min trust level to tag topics is met.

  • Wiki editors should not be allowed to change category, unless they have TL3

  • Wiki editors should not be allowed to change title, unless they have TL3

  • We should definitely not be doing anything surprising here.

    • If you can’t edit tags, the tag section in composer should be readonly.

    • If you can’t edit title, the title section in composer should be readonly.

    • If you can’t edit category, the category section in composer should be readonly.

@codinghorror you good with ^^^


Looks good to me :+1:

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@vinothkannans can you confirm / implement ^^^ :hugs:


Also if you try to edit the post but do not actually change anything, your save attempt should fail. Or at the very least not create a new revision.


Checking back in to see if there are any updates on this!

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We hope to have this implemented in a week or 2.


Great, thank you @sam!

It’s done as per the above commit.


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