Can't edit wiki title

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It seems you need trust level 3 to edit wiki titles. Is there a way to change this? In my case, the Discourse installation is internal only and we’d like trust level 1 to be able to edit titles.

You can change the TL that can edit Topic Titles; however this setting is for all Topics not just Wikis.

The posts are Wikis not the Topic itself. This might be doable with a Plugin where the category makes all posts Wikis.

Thank you. All our categories are configured to create wiki topics by default.

So is it the post edit time limit setting that we need to set to 0?

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I believe while the topic posts are Wikis the title edit may need you to change the Trust Level to Edit Topic titles changed.

But not sure on Topic titles themself.

If all Categories are considered Wikis and your team is okay with editting should be simple.

A Wiki post itself can be edited as long as the Category permissions allow (number of edits on regular post limits shouldn’t apply) as long as topic is not closed.

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