Is it possible to allow to edit the title of wiki post for users with TL that lower then TL3?

Is it possible to allow to edit the title of wiki post for user that is not the author of the topic?
it seems that admins can edit any title, but how about others who set up trust level enough to edit wiki-post?


I guess of wiki posts are editable by default title.

change site setting min trust to edit wiki post in “Trust Levels”

Thats exactly the question. Our min trust to edit wiki post set to 1
We modeled that and TL1 can edit body of the post, not title.

user can edit title only if he.she is TL3, so is it correct that the ONLY way of allowing users to edit titles of wiki is to grant TL 3?

That’s correct. It might be misleading because of the language, but wikis are, fundamentally, still topics to Discourse. The trust level overview notes that TL3 gives the ability to recategorize and rename topics, which means that they can, by extension, edit wiki titles. Again, wikis are just topics that have enhanced edit permissions.

If you want users to be able to edit wiki titles, your best bet is for them to either gain or reach TL3. They can always use the flag system or PM a moderator to change a topic too.

Somewhat confusingly in the UI, a wiki’s title appears editable (in the composer) even if the user can’t change the title. That’s probably non-ideal.


thanks for confirming that. We will revisit TL3 as an option for that.