Wildcard delete posts

Hi, I am looking for a simple way (within the Discourse admin environment) to wildcard delete posts - for example with certain known auto generated titles (these are imported from an old Yahoo Group email forum - many are notification emails containing nothing useful).

It looks like Data Explorer plugin can’t delete anything - just wondering what other options exist?

You can do it from the rails console. You should be able to find some examples if you attach) search (bulk, maybe?)


Thanks Jay - ‘Rails’ was the part I was trying to avoid…
Even better,(while dreaming) would be a wild card flag posts option, so there is still a chance within Discourse to spot a mistake in selections resulting, before deletion.

If you are self hosted it’s just not that hard to do it at the rails console. It’s just a line or two. If it’s something you need to do often your could investigate the API.

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Thanks Jay - not a regular task, but something that it would be good to do in a nice user friendly environment, where there is a preview of what would be deleted, to minimize the odds of unintended results.