Deleting posts containing X word

Hello, hope everyone is having a good day! My forum recently has a new policy where we’re cutting down on certain types of explicit language and we would like to remove them from view for both users and Google. I used the search function to look for the problematic words, but realized that if I were to use the mass selection tool, it would try to delete entire topics rather than just the individual posts.

Is there a way to delete only the specific posts containing key words so that my forum’s users don’t have to see 500+ topics get incinerated? I don’t mind if I have to perform the process each time for each word, but I am not feeling keen on going in manually to delete every post one by one.

Thank you in advance!

Why not substitute the word, rather than delete entire replies and potentially lose context within a topic?


If that’s possible, that solution is fantastic. However, if I were to have to do this manually, it would double or triple the amount of time needed which is already insanely high. Is there a way to do it in bulk or automate it?

Add the words to Admin > Logs > Watched words > Censor and using a rebake should do it.


This worked, thank you!

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