Will g-suite POP3 stop working on 2/15/2021

Does anyone know if Google’s announcement yesterday (12/16/19) to stop supporting “less secure applications” for g-suite on 2/15/2021 affect a discourse installation that uses G-Suite for POP3 mail handling?

The announcement appears to say that all g-suite access must be through Oauth! (IMAP is specifically mentioned, but not POP3)

FYI - on 6/15/2020 - g-suite will stop allowing any new LSA users.


Most likely that is the case, yes.


I suppose this could be addressed with development, or with another email provider.

I see references to IMAP connectivity under development. Are there plans for this to support OAuth?

If I recall correctly, we chose g-suite/g-mail because it allows for sub-addresses which allows for the use of reply-keys in email addresses.

Does Discourse have any other recommended providers that support this?

You can consider using


Looks like we got a reprieve!..

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