Wonky date at the bottom of post timeline (1969)

Just noticed this after update today, not sure if it’s new or I just didn’t notice earlier, but the clickable date at the bottom of the timeline for this topic is showing “Dec 1969”: The Meta Course Curriculum - The Meta Course - Hyperlink Forum

Only seeing for this one topic so far. Seems to show even in safe mode. Any ideas?

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That’s the beginning of time. Either somehow that topic didn’t get assigned a created_at or your server’s time is way off.


Indeed! But there’s only one post in the topic and it has a date, May 6th (accurate). Is there a separate date for topic vs. first post of that topic that if created via API call and left empty, could be causing the mismatch?

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For some reason the last_posted_at date of your topic is null… why? no idea.



Huh, maybe an issue with a bad API call or something, not sure, will look into it. Hopefully a one time thing. Thanks!


Did you create that post with an API call? If so, that’s a good bet. (Though I’d think that last_posted_at would be automatically set).


Yes this one was created via API. I’d also think that would be set automatically but possible we accidentally deleted it or something.