Word Cloud plugin

Summary: A Word Cloud that abstractly summarises the content of your site.

:link: GitHub: https://github.com/merefield/discourse-word-cloud Word Cloud Plugin

:arrow_right: Install: Follow the plugin installation guide.


Represents the posts of your community as a Word Cloud summary. The words are animated and if clicked will perform a simple word search.


Get to it by hitting Word Cloud on the Hamburger menu or navigating to yoursite.com/word_cloud - NB you have to be logged in as a registered user to see it and it’s only on desktop.

To refresh data, Trigger the job:

Otherwise this runs every hour.

Interested in the data?

My intention was just to paint a picture.

If you want to see the data, just go to yoursite.com/wordcloud.json


Settings … so … many … settings:

  • Restrict to specific Categories:

  • Word Cloud Ignore List (300 words by default, using a list I found here ):

NB Word stats are updated every hour now (which is probably still excessive, but for the time being makes it easier to checkout changes in Production as we go through a lot of initial code evolution).

NB#2 I’ve not yet considered other languages here beyond English (it’s certainly not tested). The current word manipulation may not work well in some languages. Suggestions & PR’s welcome.

If you select no Category (default) you get a scan of all forum Posts (PMs and all). If you add just one Category, word stats are restricted to that etc.


  • It may not support other languages. I’ve only tested English. PR Welcome.
  • The menu item has localisation support, but if no-one has yet PR’d your localisation yet, please consider doing so or otherwise it will remain a key code …
  • It’s not responsive to layout. This is the main reason mobile is not currently supported. This is tricky with D3 and expensive computationally.


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OMG I was literally just thinking about this. Magic Thanksgiving psychic powers!

What about an option to make the tag cloud based on tags rather than post text?

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Your wish is my command :mage: There’s just no formal Topic for it yet: GitHub - merefield/discourse-tc-tag-cloud: A Discourse Theme Component that displays a tag cloud above the tag lists on the tags page :tada: (which as a TC is even simpler to install).



Hmmm. I installed the TC and enabled it in my theme, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything on https://ask.fedoraproject.org/tags

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It’s FYI desktop/tablet only.

Yeah, I’m using Firefox… same in Chrome?

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Looks like you have a set of script permissions violations in your console. You need to give your site the right to run these scripts. Look at content security policy script src.

See: Mitigate XSS Attacks with Content Security Policy


Awesome, thanks for the quick tech support. :slight_smile:

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It understads only alphabets a…z and just drops out like scandinavian åäö.

And the hamburger menu link is funny [fi.word.cloud.hamburg… :wink:

That’s possible. I’ve only tested English. I made this clear in the original topic. PR welcome.

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Yes you did. I missed it. Well, I unistall it then (and I have no idea what is PR because I don’t use git :upside_down_face: )

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You will need to PR. There’s localisation support for the menu item, but users will need to PR additional languages.

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