Wordpress is linked, but doesn't show it

This problem has come and gone and come back again.

My wordpress post is linked to the Discourse topic and I can update the topic. But, when I refresh the wordpress edit post page the topic is no longer shown as linked.

I can re-Link to Existing Topic and everything works until I refresh the edit page.

I’ve tried different browsers and different computers all with adblockers off.

Hey @RichardC, as before, I suspect there is a javascript issue arising from something else on your Wordpress, or browser.

Wordpress instances can include any number of scripts, plugins and other modifications that can affect the operation of javascript on an instance. The display of the link status relies on javascript being able to run smoothly.

The fact that it’s gone and come back again in a period in which nothing in that sidebar has changed in the WP Discourse plugin reinforces that theory. This suggests something else is changing.

It’s hard to diagnose that remotely. I would either need access to your editor (happy to look at it, if that’s an option; pm me about that), or access to browser console logs from when the issue occurs.

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Thanks @angus. I was able to fix this by turning off my Chrome extensions and then back on. I won’t bother you with this again, but I will take this opportunity to say how much I love this plugin.

Cheers, Richard

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