WordPress SSO and plugin mods

What would you like done?

I’d like WordPress to be the SSO provider for my Discourse instance. I’m currently utilizing WordPress because it features plugins that allow recurring subscriptions and affiliate programs. I’ve currently constructed 5 membership levels through the plus version of Paid Memberships Pro. I’d like those who sign up to be entered into the Discourse groups that mirror the names of the membership levels I have created.

I’ve enabled Social Login using Super Socializer on WordPress. I’ve chosen Facebook, Google, Reddit, Discord and Instagram as my selections. However, when any of them are used to sign in, it transfers the user’s username from the selected source, and usernames on WordPress can only be changed by an admin with the help of a plugin. The sign in/register feature I’d like to resemble the one here on Discourse as it allows username creation at sign up even after using social login and agreement to terms and conditions. If this is possible to resemble I’d like it incorporated.

Additionally the main factor in why I’ve chosen WordPress is because I want to include an affiliate program. I selected SliceWP and got the pro version of it but did not make thorough comparisons to other affiliate plugins. It seems they are all similar but if possible I would like some clarity on which is the most versatile between Affiliate WP and Slice WP and if necessary I can make the transition to Affiliate WP should it be a superior choice. A limitation that I find with all of the available affiliate plugins is that without custom code it is not possible to assign custom commission rates both initial and recurring to customers who enter a specific membership level. Both affiliate plugins that I have mentioned integrate with Paid Memberships Pro. It is possible to mark membership levels with customs rates but those only activate when an affiliate refers a customer to said level. I would like to be able to organize specific rates for each membership level and whoever joins them will be assigned those rates and they reflect on all of their referrals rather than configure rates manually per affiliate which is the only option ATM. I’d also like for the disable commissions button to retain on each membership level through paid memberships pro in case I’d like to incorporate limited time programs and deactivate them when appropriate. The SliceWP affiliate dashboard also depicts each affiliates commission rate as 25% which is the default, despite the affiliate having custom rates set by me manually. It is just a visual error as the affiliate would be granted the proper numerics it just doesn’t display correctly. Should Slice WP be discarded in favor of Affiliate WP and it doesn’t have that dashboard error then that’s remedied.

The affiliate program is of the most importance, at the very least I would like this performed if it is possible. Also I’d like to be given a small briefing in how it functions in case I’d need to make small tweaks here and there.

Lastly I would like some clarity/advisory on how to handle member deletions. I’m aware there’s an anonymization feature and it’s likely the best approach to keeping the flow of past conversations. Where do I find that feature?

When do you need it done?

Within 2 weeks of acceptance.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task? Negotiable

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I am interested to take this up, sending you a PM

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