Configuring my WP site SSO client and Discourse SSO provider

I was wondering if my plan is possible. For now, I only have a blog in my WP site. But I want people to stay login (or can login) to Discourse even if they are in a WP page. They will use Discourse profil and never wordpress profil and login.

Is it possible?

Do I absolutely need a membership plugin? I checked Activemember360 would be good because I could tag people to ActiveCampaign.

But how can I always use Discourse profil and login (instead of WP)?


Yes. You can configure wp-discourse to have Discourse be the SSO master.

Only if you want to charge for membership.

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Thanks for the fast reply!

To see the login button in the menu, do I have to insert the shortcode?

I don’t believe so. You should try it.