Working on Cards user interface

We are launching a healthcare anonymous platform using Discourse.

Have taken a cards based UI approach. Check us out at .

As we are developing, would love to hear on feedbacks as well as to learn about people following similar approach. Have done similar changes to mobile theme as well (try opening on Phone)

We have taken a different approach for cards background and text color where we pick category color as background and text_color as text of text. Have overridden default colors



wow so cool:scream::scream:

Great colours. :slight_smile:

I’d recommend changing your body font and line length though – they’re not super fluent to read.
This is a helpful article.


Great recommendation @HAWK , doing the research and pretty sure playing right with font and line length will make a huge impact.

Thanks for mentioning out colours part.

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Very nice. Can I suggest making the whole card clickable / tappable and perhaps adding some sort of hover effect?

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