WP Discourse and custom post types in Wordpress


I’m trying to configure Discourse as commenting system for my wordpress based podcast pages (e.g. this one) For my podcast posts I use a plugin called podlove which creates a custom post type called “episode” for podcast episodes. Now, these are precisely the posts I like to link to discourse comments but it looks like I cannot select this type from wp discourse and the metabox does not show in my episodes (but shows just fine in regular posts). Any tipps how to fix this?


By default, the Discourse metabox is only displayed for posts. To get it to display for the ‘episode’ post type, you need to select ‘episode’ from the ‘Post Types to Publish’ setting on the plugin’s Publishing Options tab.

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I know that which is why I came here. The post type “episode” does not show in the plug-in’s settings either :frowning:

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Is this the plugin you are using?

If so, the post type is called ‘podcast.’ It shows up in the Post Types to Publish setting on the WP Discourse Publishing options tab. When that is selected, selecting New Episode on WordPress displays the Discourse metabox on the post edit page.


I feel a bit stupid now…
Thank you so much for taking the time!


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