WP Discourse API KEY, Please provide steps to generate key


Can anyone help me to generate API key?

After following the instructions I am getting error

I think you’re using the wrong URL someplace. You want the URL for your forum, not your wordpress site, e.g.


On the WP Discourse Connection settings tab, enter the URL of your Discourse forum into the Discourse URL field. Click ‘Save Options.’ After that, you will see the URL you can use to get your API key in the text below the API Key text field.


I am also getting the error after saving the url in Discourse URL that is
http:forum.onesoftwares.net for site http://onesoftwares.net and save and try to access the forum.onesoftwares.net but not working for me. How can I fix it.

Can you check the URL that you are using? I see a site at http://onesoftwares.net/, but nothing at http://forum.onesoftwares.net/.

I am stuck with the api configuration with this.

What I am missing or doing wrong.
Also I believe it is free of cost. Am I right?

Do you have a Discourse forum? The plugin does not create a forum for you, it just connects a WordPress site to an existing Discourse forum.

No I did not install the forum thought the plugin itself will work. What I need to do now.

This depends on your circumstances. You can have us (Discourse) setup a forum for you, or you can set one up yourself. If you go to the https://payments.discourse.org/pricing page you will see a list of the plans we offer. If they are too expensive, or if you would prefer to host it yourself, scroll down the page and take a look at the ‘What if none of these plans fit my budget’ section. It gives a few options for setting up a Discourse forum. However you do it, you will have to pay for hosting, but you can get hosting for as little as $5/month.