Wordpress plugin - can't find admin api key


I installed the discourse plugin on wordpress its asking me for the admin api key, where do I find it ?

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Or generate one from an admin user profile

I have installed the plugin but there’s nothing when I go to the URL, I thought maybe it needs to be done back end but I couldn’t find anything

You go to that URL on your Discourse forum not WordPress.

The discourse url is not yet setup as its asking for api key

To generate an API key go to yourdiscoursesite.com/admin/api. That is where you can generate an api key for the WordPress plugin. There will be a button that says generate key.

as I said the discourse site is not setup, plugin is installed but I can’t see discourse… It gives me a 404 page not found

The wp-discourse plugin acts as an interface between a WordPress site and a Discourse forum. To get it to work, you need to first set up both a WordPress site and a Discourse forum. You will find the admin api key in the admin section of your forum at ‘yourdiscoursesite.com/admin/api’.

The plugin’s documentation about this is not very clear. I’ll try to add to it later this week.


Hi Simon (@Simon_Cossar ),

Thanks for the reply, I did add it manually to composer.json is there anything else to do ?

I’m not sure. You need to have a Discourse forum up and running to connect to your WordPress site. If you haven’t done that, you can follow either of these guides to do it:

discourse/INSTALL-cloud.md at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

Once that is done you need to go to the Discourse site at <yourforumdomain>/admin/api and click on the button to generate a new api key. Copy and paste the api key into the Discourse API Key setting on your WordPress site.


Okay Thanks I will try that … Much appreciated !

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