WP Discourse - The "Continue Discussion on..." is missing

(Ronen Bekerman) #1

I have set up a Discourse site that work great and I funnel two WordPress blogs to it. Each one posts to a different category. On one blog I see the “Continue Discussion on…” link but on the other I don’t see it and no matter what I do it is missing.

What could I be missing? I mirrored the WP Discourse settings and yet it is still an issue.

Let me know what you need me to provide in terms of info to help solve this.

The site all works on was a new site with the native comments system running

The problematic site has is running since 2009 and has Disqus running on it… if this has anything to do with it. I deactivated Disqus and reverted back to native comments before installing WP Discourse.

(Simon Cossar) #2

For the site that isn’t displaying the ‘Continue Discussion’ link, could you look at the WP Discourse Text Content settings and make sure that the first three fields on that page are set? The fields to look at are ‘Discourse Link’, ‘Start Discussion’, and ‘Continue Discussion.’

Also, make sure that on the Commenting settings tab ‘Use Discourse Comments’ is checked.

(Ronen Bekerman) #3


Text Content Settings are good and so is ‘Use Discourse Comments’ set to on.

When I disable Discourse and Disqus - going back to native WordPress comments I see ‘Comments are closed’ message and no matter what I do - I can’t get the native comments to work… so this could be the cause?

(Simon Cossar) #4

Yes, that’s probably it. See if you can find a way to open the comments after disabling Disqus.

(Ronen Bekerman) #5

On it!


I’ll keep this thread posted about the outcome.