WP-Discourse → User Switching Not Working

Hi there, I’m using WP-Discourse in a Multisite environment. We use the User Switching plugin pretty extensively for customer support.

It has recently stopped working around the time we upgraded the WP-Discourse plugin. I isolated this by deactivating/activating plugins one at a time on the website. User Switching started working again when I deactivated WP-Discourse. I’ve replicated this three times now.

This is the error I’m getting:

Any ideas?

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I haven’t seen this one before Tim. Are you using DiscourseConnect? Just testing it now in a single site environment the user switching plugin is working as expected. I’ll test it in a mutlisite tomorrow.

In the meantime, can you share your:

  • WP version number
  • WP Discourse version number
  • User Switching plugin version number
  • PHP Version number

You can find all of these in the WP Discourse Logs page by clicking “View Meta”. If you could possibly share that entire file with me (via PM) that would help, thanks.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

WordPress - 5.9.1
WP-Discourse - 2.4.1
User Switching - 1.5.8
PHP - 7.4.25

Yes, I’m using DiscourseConnect. Here are my settings:

I’ll PM you some additional details.

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Hey @Angus, for some reason it just started working again even with WP-Discourse running so it obviously wasn’t the root cause. So weird! But I appreciate your help on this!


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