WP Discourse not working

I just setup my site discuss.wmpoweruser.com - but, the WP Discourse plugin isn’t working for some reason. It isn’t posting the new posts automatically to the Discourse site for some reason.

How do I fix this?

What version if Discourse / WordPress / WP-Discourse plugin are you on?

I am using the latest version of all of these. So:

Discourse: 1.5.0.beta5
WordPress: 4.3.1
WP-Discourse: 0.6.6

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Couldn’t get this sorted yet. Anyone have any ideas?

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If the plugin isn’t working then you’re running into an issue with the settings/configuration

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Ok, got it sorted. Thanks guys!

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Could you please explain what part of the configuration was tripped up, and how you solved it? Will be helpful in case anyone else runs into the same problem :smile:


So I revoked the first API key, regenerated a new one and that solved the issue. Quite weird.