WP integrate with Discourse and WP paid subscription plugin?

We want to setup a blog site using WP and integrate it with Discourse for discussion forum. The forum will be for paid subscribers only.

What we want to do is manage all paid subscribers with WP since it is some really nice paid membership plugins.

Has anyone used this combination and it works? If so, which WP membership plugin did you use?


P.S. Sorry, if this has been asked before but i wasn’t able to find any postings in this forum regarding this question.

I’ve developed a plugin that extends the WP Discourse plugin to work with the WishList Member plugin. It lets you associate WIshList membership levels with Discourse groups. You can then give members of those groups access to private categories on Discourse.

I’d like to put a couple more days of work into the plugin before I release it to the general public. There’s some more information about it in this topic: WordPress and wishlist member


Thanks, that looks promising.

I’m using wp/wishlist -->> discourse for a private community and it is working very well.

It’s for WP Courseware? we are not thinking of running LMS site. However, does it also work for just paid subscription?

I do also have WP courseware but I’m not really using it fully yet until the groups functionality is ready. Right now I use the discourse for blog comments and for anyone who buys the paid level.

We found this post: «Paid Membership» plugin with PayPal integration! (version 3.0, 2015-08-31) Guess that will be ok as well since we can redirect users on WP to register on Discourse and use SSO plugin so users can log into both sites.

However, there seems to be a bit of bickering going on between the developer and some users. So not sure if he can be trusted on what kind of good/bad support he really does provide?

Yes, it should work well for that. Possibly the WishList plugin is more than you need for what you’re doing, but it would probably be cheaper to buy the WishList plugin it than to pay to develop something that works with a different WordPress plugin. (I don’t work for WishList, I’m developing this in my free time because I think it’s something that could be useful.)

We agree, we just need something simple to map the groups between WP and Discourse so we can set a paid group for paying subscribers. Seems like that is what your plugin does.

Where do we download your plugin to test? or are you selling this somewhere on your site?


It’s free at the moment. I need people to test it for me :slight_smile: I have to make a small change to the code so that it will work with private forums. I’ll do that later today or early tomorrow and get back to you.


Thank you.

We haven’t yet started using WP and Discourse as we wanted to put our feelers out to see what the possibilities are for the site we plan to build.

This is positive to know that there’s a plugin becoming available so we plan to start getting the site together very soon.

Free or paid, we’ll be happy either way with this option so long as the pricing is reasonable :slight_smile:

There’s also Memberful:

Check out Paid Memberships Pro: https://www.paidmembershipspro.com

Used on @HAWK’s site: https://www.feverbee.com.

Is there a Paid Memberships Pro and Discourse integration as mentioned above?

I think it may have been integrated with some sites, but I don’t think there’s a plugin for doing it yet. I have plans to make a wp-discourse-pmp plugin, that will allow you to associate Discourse groups with Paid Membership Pro memberships, so that members are automatically added to and removed from Discourse groups. I need to work out a way of funding the work on this. The difficulty is that there are only a limited number of sites that would have a need for the plugin.

Not yet, per @simon. To make it work, you need to create a pmpro customization that uses API calls to update group membership. I did one recently.


Hello! I was wondering where I could find this plugin to integrate WLM with Discourse. What’s happening now is that any member at any level can access the Discourse forum, but only ONE level has access and should be allowed to get to the forums. We are using (and want to use) SSO, but I need to be able to restrict access to the appropriate level.

Thank you!

Can you have a look at Managing Discourse group membership with WP Discourse?