Writing Video Topics

Besides youtube, what other video sites have videos that can be posted directly in the forum by pasting the url?


Vimeo Works…


Also Videos in Google Photos…

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So wonderful. Are there any other sites available?

A non-exhaustive list: dropbox, facebook, gfycat, imgur, kaltura, tiktok, twitch, vimeo, wistia, youku, youtube.

If there is a non-supported website you would like to have, feel free to request it! :slight_smile:


No. I don’t have any needs.
I’m just curious about the range of options available. This way, I can tell my users which videos are available.

The full list of supported sites is here:

A site being supported doesn’t necessarily mean that videos from the site link will be displayed as a video, but generally, they should be.

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thank you very much