Wrong Upgrade Versions in Dashboard

I am using self-hosted docker discourse (with data,redis and app container) and on the Admin Dashboard it tells me it needs to update. The info is wrong since on the upgrade screen everything (docker-manger und discourse) is up to date, and also the -beta1 is not the latest version.

Is this related to rebuilding the containers (which i havent done just yet) or is it related to the git branch (main is up to date) or the #version: xxx which is commented out in app.yml.

Related to this, i am currently tracking the 3.2.0 beta. Is there a version: value i could use, that it stays on the 3.2.0 release as soon as it is done? (or should i switch it to stable once the first update is done?)

BTW: an upgrade tag would be nice here.

Funny thing, seems like it needed some timeout to refresh the dashboard, it tells me i am up to date now - but it still shows a wrong version (it tells me beta2 on this screen now):