Upgrade page claims nothing to be done

I was running 2.8.0.beta4, and intended to upgrade to beta 6. The upgrade page allowed me to upgrade docker_manager, but reports discourse as being up to date. It isn’t! And the dashboard still shows 2.8.0.beta4.

discourse latest-release +4 Up to date
docker_manager 19cbd60 Up to date

I have started a rebuild, which I expect will get me to where I want to be, but this seems to be a trap for the unwary, who will might think there is no update, or might wonder what to do.

cd /var/discourse/
./launcher rebuild app

Edit: after the rebuild, discourse now reports at version d3be77a0, and “up to date”, but there’s no green check mark. Perhaps that’s a clue.

Edit: on another instance, also on beta4 and also reporting version as latest-release+4, I do get the usual “New version available!” annotations, for discourse, docker_manager, and discourse-data-explorer.

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have you tried running

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

and then

cd /var/discourse/
./launcher rebuild app
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Indeed I did do a rebuild, and that cleared up the situation. I reported this in case it might cause trouble for others.

(I didn’t update my packages, in this case.)