Yandex email error: Email sending without SSL/TLS encryption is not allowed

Hi, I have an error saying 530 5.7.7 Email sending without SSL/TLS encryption is not allowed. Please see: while running ./discourse-doctor.

However, with same config, I can successfully send email with swaks.

swaks --to --from --server smtp. yandex. ru --auth LOGIN --auth-user -tls -p 587

My app.yml settings:

DISCOURSE_SMTP_ENABLE_START_TLS: true           # (optional, default true)

I tried all suggested solution in the forum but it does not work. Maybe @Stranik know how it works?

Much appreciated everyone’s thoughts.


I tried MailJet and it did not go through with ./discourse-doctor neither. However, the test with swaks works just fine.


E-mail domain must be registered (served):

E-mail address in: notification email (admin/site_settings/category/required) and DISCOURSE_SMTP_USER_NAME (app.yml) same.

The user (his email address) is in the settings, and there is an account of this user on the forum. This user has a Yandex mail. And the mail itself is served by Yandex.

I have done this, it seems to work.

In Yandex, you must actually create a mail domain. Confirm the rights to it, and set all the necessary settings.

To be honest, I don’t fully understand how this works. It’s too complicated. )

I did register domain and create the email. I can use that email for other purposes. I’ve done that before, so I’m sure domain ownership verification and email creation is working correctly.

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I tried Sendgrid yesterday and it did not work. And again, testing email sending with swaks works just fine. I’m starting to think if there’s a bug in current version. I’m using iscourse 2.6.0.beta2. I followed the installation scripts in Docker hub page:

sudo -s
mkdir /var/discourse
git clone /var/discourse
cd /var/discourse

I think probably the beta is breaking. How do I install the latest stable version?

I looked at the log file after hitting resend verification email and got this: Delivered mail I’m not sure if it’s the problem but my email look like this

@codinghorror can you please have a look? Major email services (Mailjet, Sendgrid, Yandex) failed with this build. But the emails all go through with swaks --to --from --server smtp. yandex. ru --auth LOGIN --auth-user -tls -p 587.

Did you manage to solve this problem and if so how?