You must select at least 1 tag - even though one was created

Users aren’t unable to post new Topics by creating new tags (when the category has a minimum of at least one tag), they get the error: You must select at least 1 tag.

I am guessing this is a regression as I’m pretty sure users were able to post topics with the same min requirements by creating a new tag previously…


This seems like a legitimate bug to me. I’m going to delete our previous replies to make the bug report easier to read. If this is not a bug, it is at the very least a UX issue.

I’m testing this with a category that requires at least one tag per topic:

On my site, the min trust to create tag setting is “1:basic user.” I have tested this with both a tl1 and a tl3 user. These users are able to create new tags on the site.

When creating a new post in the category, the user attempts to create a new tag:

Clicking the “Create Topic” button returns the “You must select at least 1 tag” error modal. If the user then keeps the foo-ba-rbaz tag in place, but also selects an existing tag from the tags list, they are then able to create the topic:

The user is obviously also able to create a topic just by selecting one or more existing tags.

The way this is working does not seem to match the category setting description. That setting just asks for the minimum number of tags required for the category’s topic. It seems strange to require one tag that already exists to be added to the topic for users who have permission to create new tags on the site. Requiring an existing tag to be added to a topic would be better handled by the Tag Group setting that is found in the Tags section of the category edit pages.

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Did you manage to track down the issue for this after Simon?

I hope to launch another Discourse forum soon which too will have a 1 tag min requirement, so it would be awesome if this was no longer an issue :blush:

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I’ve just tested this again and the issue I described in my previous reply has not been fixed. It seems like a bug to me. If a category requires a minimum number of tags and a user has permission to create tags, the user should just be able to create a tag to fulfill the category’s tag requirement. Currently users have to select an existing tag to fulfill that requirement.

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Will dig this next week.


This should resolve the issue.