Your First Notification notice does not appear for social logins

When logging in for the first time when logging in with an email address, when the account is activated you get the “this is your first notification” notice with the rest of the page blacked out. If you create the account with a social login, that doesnt’ happen.

I noticed on another site, but confirmed it on try.

Are you on latest? @tgxworld fixed this bug about 2 weeks ago.

It seems so. Does try lag behind latest?

It is possible it regressed again, @tgxworld can you repro? What login method specifically?

I tried Yahoo on my site and, I think, google on try.

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Hmm. But the on uxmastery, I got the expected behavior when I got the second notification and clicked its link in an email. Perhaps somehow the initial notification only happens when you follow the email link?

Nope this isn’t true. The first notification is sent as long as you’ve not viewed a notification before.

I tried all the logins and I can’t reproduce it. @pfaffman are you able to reproduce it consistently or is it intermittent?


Well, darn. Beats me. I’ll soon do some testing on social logins and will update here if I see it again.


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