How can I change or disable first visit notification?

can I change or (better to) disable first visit notification?

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To change text you should search for js.user.first_notification in your /admin/customize/site_texts

At the moment there is no way to disable completely the first visit notification.

But you can disable the site settings discourse narrative bot enabled and your new user will not receive that notification when they first access the site.
However, unless you disable the PM completely, when a user receives the first PM from another user or system, that pop-up appears.


This doesn’t seem to work on my side: I’ve disabled discourse narrative bot enabled and first visit notification is still displayed.

@stanislaw, did you succeed in disabling it completely or did you just change the text?

Who is the sender of the message?

@jack2 I have not disabled this notification, it seems that this can not be done completely.
@Dax this is a system message, not user’s.

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As I said above,


Even if the PMs are disabled, system can send PM to you as part of the staff (eg. in case of flags, account silenced, and other “service communications”)

Ok, I’ve got it. But it would be nice if there was some option to disable this and show only badge.

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