Your thoughts on listing Discourse on Vultr Marketplace

Hello Discourse Community,

Note - I am really sorry if this has already been discussed here!

I made a request to Discourse support team to list the app on Vultr marketplace for easy access and wider visibility. Its already available on DigitalOcean but not on Vultr. They told me to post it here and if it gets enough support from you all, they might pick it up for consideration.

What Do you all suggest? Will it be helpful? There are more than 80+ apps already on Vultr marketplace and being a discourse fanboy, I wish it was there too.


When it comes to DigitalOcean, the advice we always see here is to avoid the one-click install and perform a standard install. I don’t know if that’s because of some avoidable decision that DO made, but it does devalue the one-click offering.


It’s hard to know. As mentioned, the Digital Ocean one often confuses people because it runs their own install script. I don’t think their staff has ever responded to questions about it.

If Vultr were to put it in the marketplace such that it just cloned discourse_docker and encouraged people to run discourse-setup, that would be great (given that they upgraded the base Ubuntu image when the time comes). If they do something else, then it might be worse than nothing.