Discourse on digital ocean

Hello friends,

i have installed discourse on vultr a year ago successfully only by following the official guide, now am thinking to go to digital ocean to do that again but i need to know few things.

1- am going with 8Gb ram plan do i need to do the swap ? i never did that with 4Gb plan on vultr.
2- do i have to start from installing docker or docker is already installed on the droplet ?
3- Please remind me again about this part as i dont remember it ( ``` Hostname for your Discourse? [discourse.example.com]: ```) This means the top level domain ? i dont remember how i did it that time.

Don’t need swap.

Install docker as described in the install cloud document.

Use the domain name that you type into your browser. (there is an example, what could make it more clear?)

You can just copy the app.yml file from the other server. You’ll want to run discourse-setup to have it adjust the memory settings for the additional ram.


Thank you so much, sound clear enough, also am going to send you a message regarding a small job.

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One more question guys, how to avoid the conflict between Lets encrypt and cloudflare ? am going to setup the Lets Encrypt during the initial discourse setup and i will put the website on cloudflare after that, so what is the best practice to do the 2 things without having a broken website ?

Just make sure the DNS entry on Cloudflare stays gray, and not orange.


Thank you so much, i will keep it like that