How do I remove "Your topic is similar to..."?

I would like to remove this as it pops up on the right side of the composer. (On top of Preview section). I am on a lower resolution screen.
Anyway, I could get rid of this completely?

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As a quick solution, you could just add the following as a css addition:

.similar-topics { display: none !important; }

EDIT by Sam: Do not do this, see my reply at the end of the topic!


Worked. Thanks for quick solution.

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We really should add a site setting for this, cause its so wasteful to be running an expensive query to calculate information we are not displaying.


Oh I most certainly agree. The previously mentioned suggeestion was simply a quick solution to solve his problem. If there are enough forum owners who want this hidden, I’d agree that having it as a site setting is ideal.

I suppose the question is: Are there others who want to hide this? If so, it’s worth adding a site setting for it. If it’s a very rare one-off, then it might not be worth adding an additional setting (I guess I’ll go ahead and coin the term setting-creep since it isn’t really feature creep).

In the meantime, I was reading few other posts related to this. The old method of display was non-intrusive it was above the composer. But the flaw was it being cut short due to fixed header.
Currently, the display is well enough, but it is intrusive on top of the composer (preview side). I think it covers the beauty of the way the composer works for a short period time.

OK the correct way of disabling this is by increasing min title similar length to something impractical.

That way it will never fire cause we bypass it. Hiding from CSS is not recommended.