"Your topic is similar to..." popup goes under the logo header!

See screenshot:

Unless this is a “by design” issue, one fix might be to set the z-order value to something much lower than a 1000 on the .d-header style rule.


There is a CSS error where your HTML headers are enormous. Correct that CSS error first.

I think that’s a custom header.

It’s tricky because the popup is a child of .reply-control. It has a z-index of 999. The header drop-down menus inherit a z-index of 1000 from the header. If you reduce the header’s z-index then the dropdown menu shows up behind the composer.

One solution is .custom-header { position: relative; z-index: 1000; } That way at least the header and the custom-header are both covering the popup.

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It’s not only a problem with custom headers. I have a second monitor with a small screen (1024 x 768) and I had noticed a similar problem.

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I raised this Issue earlier. It is the reason I proposed putting the x at bottom of the pop-up.

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I am seeing the same on my forum. No custom CSS, latest version.

1366 x 768 screen:

1920 x 1080 screen:

I use x768 resolution monitor.

Just adding that I have this issue here on Meta with a 1600x900 resolution.

I was referring to the h2 header that says “your topic is similar to…” not the site header panel.

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I do support the other topic here which proposed overlaying the help / advice panels over the preview panel rather than being an “above the editor” popup.