Bundle ESM & CommonJS JavaScript into a Theme Component

I recently published the theme component:

Which does an ESM import of the npm package extract-timestmap, which was scaffolded using boundation which generates a CommonJS edition for Node.js, and a ESM edition for browsers.

The theme component javascript source/index.js imports the dependency extract-timestamp like so:

Which uses this build.bash file to turn the source/index.js file that contains our theme component logic, into a common/header.html for discourse:

Which is run by doing bash ./build.bash or if you are using a npm scripts workflow, via npm run build with:

Which results in a common/header.html file that is packaged into a single file (bundling the imports from earlier):

This could be useful to others developing their own theme components.

I’ll probably add first-class scaffolding support for discourse theme components to boundation at a later stage, to automate this guide.