Zapier posts with broken image due to system edits

Hey wonderful people,
We are currently using the Discourse Zapier app to push product update notificaitons to a category in Discourse.

What we are seeing is that the post is made, looks beautiful, and then for some reason, the post is converted to markdown which breaks the image links.

What is causing this? I assume that it’s some setting I need to adjust but which?

From the screenshot, it is when the system user downloads local copies of the image that the images breaks yes?

Can you try rebuilding the HTML for the post to see if that fixes it?

Click the ..., then the :wrench: button and select the Rebuild HTML option

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It sounds like you are running into a similar issue to what id described here: Fix broken images for posts created by the WP Discourse and RSS plugins.

You can confirm that by opening the post in the editor and having a look at the markdown upload link. If the upload link is surrounded by HTML tags, try editing the post to add an empty line between the opening HTML tag and the upload link.

As an example, the following markdown will create a broken image:


If this is what you’re seeing, manually editing the post to something like this should fix the image: