Zero entries in bounced email list

In my SES metrics, it’s clear that some of my emails bounced, but it’s not visible in the list of bounced email or rejected email.


Bounce List:

How can I configure discourse so that I can track email bounce? Do I need to configure MAIL FROM in SES to track email bounce?

I think these are the instructions I followed (for Mailgun in my case):

It doesn’t work fully as the actual bounce messages (with rejection reasons) don’t make their way to Discourse.


Thanks for the reply. I have configured the SES as mentioned in the link. But regarding the reply by email address, which one should I use? domain or subdomain.

Assume, my domain is and I have verified at SES for email. So I have to use,

replies+%{reply_key} or

I have added replies+%{reply_key} as the reply by email address since my verified domain is I have tested by sending an email to a non-existent Gmail from my discourse. It’s been two days, nothing on the bounced list.