Zoom Webinars Plugin

Currently the plugin only supports webinars, it does not support regular Zoom meetings.


Any plans to extend to support regular Zoom calls? In my experience that’s the more common use case and it could be quite useful to have a similar thing to the Jitsi integration for simple Zoom events, even if it’s basically just adding a link to launch a specific event.

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Unfortunately, no, there are no plans to support regular Zoom meetings at this point. Zoom’s API has separate endpoints for meetings and webinars, which means that we can’t quickly add support for meetings.


Ah I see, thanks for clarifying!

Been testing the Jitsi theme component and works quite nicely, I could see an equivalent for Zoom (simple “join meeting”) being useful where you can’t create meetings but basically just a shortcut widget to make a button to join an existing meeting.

Though maybe at that point doesn’t add enough vs just a simple link. I guess one thing would be when adding, if you could select from an account’s existing meetings…

From what I can tell, this plugin helps you coordinate a zoom webinar with Discourse–allowing you to schedule the webinar and coordinate participants for the webinar from within Discourse. It does not allow you to have the zoom webinar take place within your Discourse page (for example, it does not enable you to have the video appear within a Discourse topic).

Is that correct?

When the Zoom webinar starts, users will see a Join Now button in the event page on Discourse, and when they press that button the event will start inside the browser window, taking up the full window. So, the video will not appear inside the Discourse topic, but it will appear inside the browser. (And when they leave the video, they will get taken back to the Discourse topic they were in.)


Hi all,

I followed the instructions but I struggle to understand what to put in the webinar config:
I can create the webinar but when I try, from the client, to
I got

any clue?

Does the Zoom JWT need to be set up by a paid account that has access to webinars?

Yes, the Zoom JWT needs to be on an account that has access to the webinars you are creating.

Hi can you tell me how the zoom plugin envisages delegates on a webinar can use chat or raise questions. We’d ideally like all of that captured in discourse.

Chat or raise questions all happen in the Zoom webinar, the Discourse plugin doesn’t interact with them at all. (You could however disable those features in the Zoom call and instruct participants to send questions in the Discourse topic, if you so wish.)


@pmusaraj are there any plans to integrate this with the Discourse Event plugin?

The feature we need is to be able to:

  1. Create a Zoom webinar when an event is created (this needs to be enabled when creating the event)
  2. When the User RSVPs, add them to the Zoom webinar via API

Currently we have no plans to integrate this with the event plugin. PR welcome, though.


Cool, possibly we will implement this in our own extensions plugin and then figure out a way to create a PR on the official plugins


Thanks for the amazing work. I believe this is a big feature for all discourse isntances.

On my case, I successfuly integrated the plugin via the API. made the configurations required and I’m now able to create webinars into discourse subjects. Only problem I have (I don’t know if other users encountered it too), is that the “register” button does not switch to “join”. Therefore users cannot join from Discourse (I tried with both 0 and 5 minutes before meeting starts options).

Any idea on how to fix this ?
Thanks in advance

Did you set up the event subscriptions in Zoom? If you did and it isn’t working, it’s possible there have been changes in the Zoom API that the plugin isn’t aware of. But I would start by making sure that event subscription is set up correctly and your Discourse instance receives those event notifications.

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Yes everything is set as described in the plugin’s meta.discourse post. I have only a small doubt about the endpoint URL: it is set to https:/forum.plateforme-cmsc.net/zoom/webhooks/webinars.json (forum.plateforme-cmsc.net being my discourse). Is that correct ?
I believe the discourse receives event notifications. When event is created it has all correct infos + when I ended the event on zoom it displayed it on discourse “your event has now ended” so my guess is event updates/notifications are received.
Only problem is with the register button not switching to join.

Is anyone using the plugin having this same issue?
Is there a solution to fix this ?

Thanks !

Sorry for the delay in responding here, but this most likely is an issue with the enabled events on your Zoom account. Make sure you check all the boxes under Webinar there:

I have made some updates to the plugin over the past few days, it is now using the latest Zoom Web SDK and should work correctly on most modern browsers.


Hey Penar, this seems to be broken again. When you click the Join Now button it goes to a black screen and nothing else happens…