1,000,000 pageviews in 2 weeks...! Why? Because Discourse. 🚀

Hey there. Suggestions for what? Happy to help but I’m not sure what you’re trying to solve. :slight_smile:


Just thinking through how to get the word out to broader audiences (i.e. marketing). I’ve never been a fan of marketing and hate most of it. *shrug

I am appreciating the organic search results though…

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thanks for that @hellekin! we are so new that it is definitely very chatty. I think we’ll know a lot more about what we’ve got in the next few weeks and months.

retention is something we’re looking at and that’s why we’ve begun a 90-day training program for the community. it’s a lot of work, but, we think it’ll help them stick around and become active long-term members.


Cool – got it. I have heaps of community growth strategy resources and ideas. Start a discussion in the #community category and we’ll brainstorm.


thanks! I’ve started a new thread:


Just wanted to provide an update…

So, we just celebrated 30 DaysONE WHOLE MONTH and it’s been absolutely awesome! Here’s a look at our numbers today!

4,000+ Members (and Growing)!

This has just been crazy for us to experience and it’s required us to double-down on finding great moderators and leaders within the community. Every day we’re having double-digit or even triple-digit growth.

32 PM

2,000,000+ Pageviews (and Growing)!

This has required us to do much more work on the backend and we’ve had to grow our system in a number of times. Building out a CDN and working on a Load Balancer now are all things that we didn’t think we’d have to encounter within the first month… but that’s where we are!


Again, this community here and obviously the leadership team… THANK YOU for creating something so effective with such little friction! Our community loves the tooling and the software and it’s management of spam, trolls, and the plugin system have been a dream.


Those are impressive numbers. We* run about half that, 1 million page views per month. We also have a lot of search activity, both local and external, since we have a base of over 1.8 million messages posted.

We run our site on AWS, on an m4.xlarge instance (4 CPUs and 16 GB of memory). Storage is 100 GB of gp2 (EBS, SSD). We found, unsurprisingly, that the main trick to keeping performance crisp is to be careful with plugins and to give Postgresql enough room to breathe. We’ve currently got db_shared_buffers set to “8192MB”, so 50% of memory. After a few hours of uptime, that means our system usually settles down with a gig or so to spare. We’re not at all CPU-bound, it’s all memory and I/O.

Good luck with your site!


*) We are Jag-lovers, our Discourse site is at https://forums.jag-lovers.com/


Nice! How much is your server doing? I am using an 8GB RAM/4 vCPU/80GB SSD instance, and it’s pretty chill. CPU is 10-20% - IO and bandwidth is pretty low :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But I am only doing 1.3 million pageviews per month at present…

http://forum.e-liquid-recipes.com/ :slight_smile:


We’re doing okay. We’ve had some issues when one of the members livestreams… and the entire thing tanks. But, we’ve been working towards adding stuff:

How long have you been operating your forum? You’ve got some good numbers!

I added the forum to the site in September '15 I believe. I scaled it up a couple of times; I started it with the 2GB RAM/2 vCPU/20 GB SSD.

Oddly only a fraction of people from the main site use the forum, but that just lead to a really nice atmosphere in there :slight_smile:

I will be checking out your site soon, as I am interested in crypto as well :slight_smile: Well, mainly just Ethereum, but there are a few other I find interesting :slight_smile:


Fantastic! If you have a moment, I’d love to hear (and many others would appreciate it as well) what you’ve learned from running a Discourse system for the last few years… what worked, what didn’t, what did you learn and perhaps maybe how you’ve financed it?

Well, I just keep it updated, and don’t use a lot of plugins. The only two I use are discourse-affiliate (which unfortunately only does Amazon-links, and not even UK-ones) and retort. I do have the standard ones enabled.
It’s been relatively unproblematic, although I am thinking about storing images externally (S3 or Digital Ocean Object Storage).

As for financing, I run ads on the main site, not the forum. The reason for this is, that people can donate to have the ads removed, and I haven’t worked out how to turn ads off for some users on the forum, so I left it ad-free for now. If I were just running a forum, I’d probably just throw some ads in there (though I’d like to be able to turn them off for some users).


holy moly, that’s giant… still on 2gb ram. :stuck_out_tongue:

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We’ve scaled things up a bit to handle and done some performance-related tweaks and upgrades. We’re now on a High-Availability CPU (‘High CPU’) with 12GB / 8 CPUs.


How much bandwitdh do you need?

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Not much - There aren’t a lot of media on the forum :slight_smile:


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Really enjoyed Patreon’s recent write-up about you :wink: Congrats on your continued success!


ah, thanks so much!

so much of our continued growth has been because of Discourse… i can’t express how grateful i am to the team here and the product!


loved meeting some of the team today @ the CMX event!

this software has literally changed my life… and the lives of many folks that we’ve been able to connect with from all over the world.