1.5X cheers on specific TL's or groups

I wonder if you find that (probably) simple feature will add value to Gamification integrations :slight_smile:

The point is just push users to improve their overall engagement to reach more cheers that should enable more actions, gifts or habilities in our communities.

With API and querys we can enable specific events to specific cheers level!

So TL1 should have 1X cheers awarded but TL2 1.33X and TL3 1.5X of total points claimed.

That could be adjusted to every instance or discussed by Product Managers and Core Team that probably reach the best and fair distribution.



Any trust level can contribute equally, but higher trust levels possess more knowledge. However, multiplying cheers for higher trust levels won’t give lower trust-level users who are contributing a lot as much of a chance.


I understand your point and I’m agree but I think that’s not a limitation because the multiplier could be enabled only on specific actions and not for every of them, like solutions and similar ones (but not likes or posts).

So contributions of experienced users should represent the real knowledge of the users when giving points. Equallity is different to fair, we are not building comunism but trying to motivate more to TL3.

You can see the ratio here, that’s not bad but I see there is a lot to improve in real engagement on Discourse communities and Gamification could be a major player in that mission :slight_smile:

TL;DR = the multiplier should be enabled on specific actions like solutions in order to mantain the status quo (fair point mentioned by @4shapes)

Meanwhile, everyone can reach TL1, TL2 and TL3 and enjoy the multiplier.

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