Topic list doesn’t refresh after posting

Hi I’ve updated to 3.2.0 beta4, since that,
Topic list doesn’t auto update after posting.
Any suggestions?

It doesn’t refresh. Currently connected clients should get a banner to click which will refresh the topic list.

Only Topics auto update without the need for a click or navigation.

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Thank you, Robert.
In the older version, the auto refresh was also on topic list, or not?
Is there a way to restore the previuous system?

It’s always worked via the banner click. This is fundamental reason why Discourse scales well and can be deployed on a server that has a modest technical specification. The alternative would be a massive spike in demand at every new Topic publication.


The banner link should be placed on the logo?

Why? The normal place at first of topic list is more logical, because it is the most recent topic.



Suggest you log into two different browsers and post on one to see the effect.


Thank you for the answers. I’ll check my installation and retry.

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As you can see in the screenshot, the banner doesn’t appear and users have to refresh the page to view new posts.

Any log errors either in console (check desktop) or server error logs?

You probably want to look for message bus issues.

However any javascript error might kill this feature if the browser is erroring out due to some code issue.

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