100% 75% 50% next to images in preview window

Upload a small image, only a few lines tall.

With all the “Caption with AI” banners etc. it is hard to see your image in the preview window.
What’s worse is the confusing 100% 75% 50% dialog (with no mouseovers on each button.)
At first glance it seems like a upload progress indicator.
Good, my photo uploaded 100%.
But now come to think of it, they probably are for if you want to resize your image to that percent size. Ah, no wonder the 100% is not clickable (thus black). Again, mouseovers wouldn’t hurt.


Yes, we do need to improve this specifically for small images.

Thanks for pointing out the lack of detail on hover, that should be an easy addition.


The next Discourse update will add hover titles: UX: add title attribute to composer preview image controls by awesomerobot · Pull Request #26301 · discourse/discourse · GitHub